“An idea can transform the world and rewrite all the rules.” Inception

The establishment or starting point of an institution or activity

An act, process, or instance of beginning

You guessed it today’s topic is about the genesis of an idea. But more importantly it is my idea of fan culture coupled with my review of the 2010 film Inception etc. Back in 2010 I was excited that any director/writer would want to explore the world of dreams. I’ve always found that the inner-life or dream-life of another person was very fascinating. After watching the movie with my “charming” family, their shouts of distaste and spluttering arguments about why the film wasn’t good, got me thinking. Why was everyone saying it rewarded attention?

So I took another look at the film desperate to find answers, and I did. Roger Ebert harped on about the film jabberwocky that churns out unoriginal script after boring sequel and it clicked. Christopher Nolan wasn’t a genius he just makes films that no one really understands so that he can make up the plot when asked. At that point I would consider myself incepted. Why? Because it’s a brilliant idea to tell the audience nothing and slap together pretty pictures that have “a deeper meaning.” There my theory was born. Continue reading


It is an artist’s duty to reflect the times.-Nina Simone

With the arrival of Cynthia Mort’s (blasphemous) biopic Nina, I think it is high time that I turn some of my anger on the subject of misrepresentation towards a well written blog post. I also think now is a good time to reflect on  my deep respect for the creative genius of artists and change makers.

The other night I gathered a few friends and watched the Netflix documentary What Happened, Miss Simone?  Continue reading

Everybody Lies-Dr. Gregory House (House M.D)

House-Md-Tv-Series-Everybody-Lies-QuotesIn today’s world students are being taught to brand themselves, to create a social media presences that speaks to the good qualities about yourself. The media is informing our world, especially for Americans. While when job hunting it is always important to put your best foot forward, why must we jazz up the truth with fancy words and perfect organization? In some ways this makes me think about the tv show House. Dr. House is convinced that everybody lies and that the only way to find out the truth about someone is to ask another person close to them. While I don’t hold anywhere near such dark ideas about the human condition, I do  think that his statement holds a lot of truth. Isn’t that why employers ask for references? They need someone other than you to confirm what is being said. Continue reading