About the Author


I decided to make this page a list, I think that will be the most effective way of getting at the heart of about me. Never fear a person is made up of constantly growing likes and dislikes so I’ll try to keep it not boring.

  • Favorite Season: Summer
  • Beloved color(s): Olive Green and Poppy Red
  • Favorite Style: 1940’s Vintage
  • Least Favorite Style: Futuristic
  •  Film Genre to avoid: Horror
  • Film Genre of choice: I am very keen on many genres and wouldn’t dream of limiting myself to one favorite
  • Favorite Book of the Bible: Ecclesiastes (Luke used to be a runner up but I’d trade him for Joel)
  • Most dreaded book of the Bible: Numbers, I don’t know if I’ll ever finish reading it
  • Toys I’ll never throw out: Mini Puffalump Rabbit and Mini Troll ( sorry Miss Daaé (Zubbs)  I do love Alexie but…)
  • Print or Cursive: I wouldn’t be able to write if there were no cursive
  • Childhood favorite films that Grow with me: Arachnophobia, Toy Story, Father of the Bride
  • Most hated films as a child: Independence day (no to Aliens…but yes to Spiders…what?), Man in the Iron Mask, Enemy Mine (I sense a theme)
  • Favorite Genre of book: Fantasy…not Sci-fi they’re different
  • Favorite non-pet animals: Horses and Turtles (so you can have them as pets…I wouldn’t)
  • Top choice pet: Dogs
  • Inedible spices: Dills Seeds and cloves
  • Least favorite color to wear: Lemon Yellow
  • If I was somebody else would I be friends with me?
  • Last movie I watched?
    Frozen ( I’ll have to change this one in…oh I think it’s different already)
  • What is the farthest I have been from home?
    Umm… France…Does Africa count if it’s my home as well?
  • Paperback or Kindle?
    Arrrrgh!!!! I hate Kindle and I-phone too.
  • Favorite country to research:
    Argentina or maybe Cuba
  • Favorite movie: Say Anything
  • Favorite talk show: The Graham Norton Show
  • Top pick for a conversation: Other people’s childhoods

Well I don’t want to be boring so I think I’ll leave it at that. Maybe I’ll come back here later and change it. You know there is a point in ever lists life where it becomes redundant or should be made such. Besides I haven’t even dug into my idiosyncrasies.



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