About Me

  • Favorite Season: Fall (Changed from Summer)
  • Beloved color(s): Olive Green and Poppy Red
  • Favorite Style: 1960’s Vintage
  • Least Favorite Style: Futuristic ( I’m growing more found of it)
  •  Film Genre to avoid: Horror
  • Film Genre of choice: Drama
  • Favorite Book of the Bible: Ecclesiastes
  • Toys I’ll never throw out: Mini Puffalump Rabbit (Maggie is much more delicate than the real Puffalump)
  • Print or Cursive: Cursive
  • Childhood favorite films that grew with me: Arachnophobia, Toy Story, Father of the Bride
  • Most hated films as a child: Independence day (no to Aliens…but yes to Spiders…what?)
  • Favorite Genre of book: Fantasy/ Fiction
  • Dogs or Cats: Dogs
  • Last movie I watched?
    Crazy Rich Asians
  • What is the farthest I have been from home?
    France…Does Africa count if it’s my home as well?
  • Paperback or Kindle?
    Arrrrgh!!!! I hate Kindle and I-phone too.
  • Favorite country to research: Like reading about them all
  • Favorite movie: Say Anything
  • Favorite talk show: The Graham Norton Show
  • Top pick for a conversation: Family



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