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This is not life.-Victor Frankenstein

Welcome to a land of mystery, vintage curiosities, film theories, and socially constructed ideas that befuddle the brain and incite the senses. This land is my mind and from it comes this blog. I have a few past posts on here that I like and have decided can stay during this reboot.

I have challenged myself to expose and expound upon films and their theories while taking into account my own eccentricities. Since racial ideas, religion, gender roles, culture, beauty, communication and many other things are all subjects that I find very important I’ll be including these topics in the upcoming articles.
Also because I know a few good writers and their ideas about the world entertain and intrigue me, I’ll try to get some work from guest writers that have traveled far and wide with a grasp of how media affects our thought processes.

If you want to get a taste of my thinking about race and comedy take a look at my article titled An Article has art.  If you are curious about some of the people that get me started down some of these seemingly demented ramblings take a look at Feminist Frequency by Anita Sarkeesian:

Another critic that I like and that plays a part in generating new ideas about film and privilege is James Harleman and his website I always find the things that he pulls out of very random movies interesting and worth reading.

Lastly, Ted Talks; I have written many articles on the subject of education and the interconnection of media and the arts with  other seemingly stodgy fields like Neuroscience, politics, and education.  Some of the talks I’ve watched and agreed with, while others of them I have found thought provoking but just to flat to be enough information.
Here is one that I consider food for thought (though I think her conclusion is lacking).

So if you want to learn something about the interconnections that I see in film, in life or just start a conversation, read on because discovery is the greatest part of any good story.



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