Soiree at the Canyon

Last year was a very good film making year for me. I learned so much and I had a really good time discovering my passion for film making. Now almost a year out I wanted to find a good place to house all my work…and what better place than here.

This is a making of video for a short called Pier Pressure that I helped shoot and edit. The film tells the story of a young woman that wants to quit her job. But some unplanned complications arise.  When I first heard the concept of the film I was very intrigued by the depth of plot (or should I say concept) that went into this film.

I was director’s and production assistant for the shooting of this short film. The crew was made up of some very talented and amazing people and I loved working with them.

This was a quick class project that I shot and edited for the delight of my peers. I had a good time finding my favorite clips from the year and putting them together to songs that few people would understand the lyrics of (in America anyhow). I used 3 songs which are:
Le Temps-Charles Aznavour
Princesita- Pablo Alboran

My less glamorous work, as you can see, this was a projected I worked on with a friend and I was teaching her how to use Final Cut Pro X. It was fun to do because there were zero instructions as to how to put it together. Baseball is one of the sports that I haven’t been quit able to focus on, but having seen 61* and being a filmmaker I knew there had to be an amazing way to make it more interesting. With many more videos and films soon to come I wanted to leave you with this one:

Back in my early days when I was moving into a more film-less-photography phase I made this video of the world culture performance that takes place at Calvin College. It’s a little rough around the edges but I enjoyed making it and sometimes look back on it as what the show used to be.


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