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Everybody Lies-Dr. Gregory House (House M.D)

House-Md-Tv-Series-Everybody-Lies-QuotesIn today’s world students are being taught to brand themselves, to create a social media presences that speaks to the good qualities about yourself. The media is informing our world, especially for Americans. While when job hunting it is always important to put your best foot forward, why must we jazz up the truth with fancy words and perfect organization? In some ways this makes me think about the tv show House. Dr. House is convinced that everybody lies and that the only way to find out the truth about someone is to ask another person close to them. While I don’t hold anywhere near such dark ideas about the human condition, I do  think that his statement holds a lot of truth. Isn’t that why employers ask for references? They need someone other than you to confirm what is being said. Now that idea might make you annoyed knowing that you are a person of your word, but here’s the deal; if the roles were reversed you would want the same. Grace and mercy are all well and good but how would you know who you are hiring if you didn’t do a little digging.

The problem here  is whether of not you allow pride to take over your countenance. The Author C.J  Mahaney says that pride is when “a being aspire[s] to the status and position of God.” It’s that thought niggling at the back of your mind that you are better than the next person. Wait! Your thinking I thought it was good to be proud of my accomplishment, well you’d be right, there is no reason to be down in the dumps if you know you did something good. The problem when job searching is talking yourself up to the point that other human beings seem to pale in comparison. When that happens it often leaves a sour taste in the boss’s mouth, because just like everyone else he knows you’re human and therefore capable of error. Frankly, no one wants to work with a prideful arrogant person because everyone finds joy (however small) from being able to contribute to the future by teaching someone something.

In London where I spent some time interning for a film company the first thing I learned was that marketing yourself is not a must all over the world. In England it is more normal for prospective employees to state the facts without turning those life experiences into advertisements. Instead, the more information you try to snatch from an Englishman the more humble he becomes until you assume he must have saved the world or something because of all the modesty oozing from him. I find that there is something to be said about that way of life, because then as a future hire you don’t feel this desperate urge to make your life more glamorous than a Marilyn Monroe movie. It dulls the desperation that is fueled by competition in America. However, it is important to remember that you are uniquely you and the things that you are capable of nobody else can do the way  you do them.

Being humble makes a space for people to work with you and for you to truly make a difference in another persons life. If you think about the institution of work it is about providing a service to fill a gap. Communications is the only way that anyone gains information or understands how to complete a task. In that way learning how to communicate effectively is key to completing any task.

My advice to anyone is to be humble and present yourself without disdain to others because you wouldn’t want to work with arrogance, so why be arrogant?

Now a fun clip to start thinking about languages:


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